Commitment to Innovation

R & D Center

TSE has consistently invested in the people and equipment necessary to yield new product development results. The engineering team in our newly expanded research center conducts environmental/corrosion testing, metallurgical and chemical analysis, and mechanical testing to ensure our product innovations translate from the lab to the field. Our in-house foundry, machining capabilities and 3D printers complement these efforts allowing for quick-turn prototypes.

Vibration Testing

Corrosion Test Station

Environmental Chamber

Safety Innovations

The TSE technology roadmap always features products designed to improve your safety. In addition to designing spring brakes built to deliver years of reliable stopping power, we are focused on developing a range of wheel end safety systems. We are working to enhance our brakes with diagnostic and monitoring technology to improve your maintenance and safety.

Newly expanded R&D center includes life cycle testing equipment designed to ensure our spring brakes go the distance