As the leader in spring brake design and technology, TSE Brakes offers the OmniBrake, a superior OEM preferred design for your standard S-Cam drum brake or disc brake application. With full pretreating, e-coating and patented bushing assembly for a self-lubricating center seal, OmniBrake is another industry standard for long life and corrosion protection.

Better Design

Featuring TSE's patented design, OmniBrake is completely sealed and tamper-resistant. OmniBrake has an all-steel housing and center section, a center sealed assembly, and a main spring made from chrome silicon pre-tempered wire and specially coated to provide you with premium life and durability characteristics.


OmniBrake's all-steel modular design offers more size options for a wide range of applications. Options from 1224 to 3636 sizes, 2.25", 2.5" and 3" stroke options, with long rod, cut rod or fixed position clevis and welded clevis available.

Easy to Install

OmniBrake is available with a sealed service side that eliminates clamps for easier fit up, or as clamped service side that provides a convenient replacement chamber for easy-to-install serviceability.

In-House Testing Labs

Many stringent tests are conducted on the OmniBrake to ensure top performance, including high pressure cycle testing, vibration testing, hot cell cycle testing, salt spray testing, cold cell leak/operational testing and slurry testing.

Corrosion Protection

OmniBrakes undergo TSE's in-house full immersion e-coating of housing and internal components, guaranteeing 100% coating and consistent thickness for excellent corrosion protection.

Five Year Warranty

OmniBrake comes with a 5-year warranty for fleet partners, with a 4-year warranty standard, and 2 years for severe service applications.


Interactive OmniBrake Cutaway

Full immersion electro-deposition coating inside and out for better corrosion protection.
Premium diaphragms feature high quality contaminate resistant rubber with nylon reinforced fabric tested well beyond the toughest industry specifications.
TSE designed High Vibration “HV” mounting base reduces vibration for longer life (T30 & 36 models).
All steel design provides durable, air tight center section that virtually eliminates leaks and structural failures.
Patented bushing assembly provides self lubricating center seal that traps lubricant for extended service, reducing center section leaks and brake drag.
Self-guided pressure plate assures consistent alignment of spring providing super smooth operation and less wear.
Steel APR plate is e-coated to eliminate corrosion degradation.
Main spring specially coated with zinc phosphate base then e-coated for superior corrosion protection.
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